Catching Moments That Matter

Newborn - In-home Lifestyle and Fresh 48


Newborn -Fresh 48

In between the complete rawness of a birth story and the settling moments of an in-home lifestyle, a fresh 48 session captures the newness and sometimes the beautifully chaotic messiness of those hours to days after birth. In a hospital, birth center or home these details tell the story of the beginnings of new roles, curiosities, expanded love and endless newborn inhalations and kisses.


Newborn - In Home Lifestyle


After the whirlwind settles, a lifestyle newborn session allows you to capture those fleeting newborn moments in the comfort of your own home. My approach is organic and flexible, taking care to document both the small intricate details of a fresh born soul as well as tell the story of your home and your new normal. A Pinterest worthy backdrop is not a necessity for in-home sessions, as the joy of new life is beautiful all on its own.