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Birth Story


Your Birth Story


There’s little in this world more transformative than birth. Its a catalyst for those moments we speak of in terms of how life has evolved and expanded, how things were before the event and how they are after the event. Birth unfolds like a storm. It can be unpredictable, intense, fierce, overpowering and all the while breathtakingly beautiful. The type of beauty that multiplies through the trenches, through grit and pain. First baby or not, so much opens in the universe as the journey unfolds, when that life enters the room. It is always a privliegdge to document that journey however it unfolds, to celebrate its uniqueness to you and your family and to bear witness to the beginning of a new story. It would be an honor to help tell that story for you.


Sarah puts her love and passion into the shoot, editing, and truly makes the entire experience magical!
— Lauren