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About Me


Behind the Lens:

My Why


If you’ve been searching the inter webs for photographers, chances are you’ve heard the story. I’ve been fascinated with photography since high school and many years later on a fateful black Friday my husband gifted me with my first starter kit. And here we are now, you’re reading this page trying to gauge if you can manage to sit through my quirks while I document your family and I get to pay taxes and call myself a professional photographer. Shabam! 

And then there’s the grit of it. My wonderful husband bought me that camera while I was fully engulfed in completing my Masters in Social Work and had already begun planning my life around working with children who had experienced abuse and neglect. I did the social work thing, had babies, moved overseas, and then … my mother passed away and it rocked my world in ways I never expected. I miss her every day but through this experience of the pain of life, can come our greatest gifts. I wish I could have gotten more time with my mom, but she continues to support me and guide me. Through her story she left behind, I learned so much about her adventures and I began thinking of my own life, my two small boys, my partner in this world and the journey ahead of us. We don’t get do-overs and as much as I LOVE social work, I want to be as present with my family as possible for as long as I’m given. I’ve taken the lessons of her life and death and I continue to try to grow something beautiful out of it. I had decided to begin to focus my energy onto photography and was lucky enough to book a mom and me slot with the wonderful M.N.Y photography around the same time. While inside I felt emotionally exhausted and not at my peak in motherhood, the moments she captured showed not only a mother who lit up being around her boys, but two small gentlemen who didn’t see the flaws that their mother felt. She showed me my story in ways I wasn’t able to see clearly and It was the final push I needed. 

So why do I do this? Because I believe one of our greatest gifts we can give ourselves, our children, our families is our story. I believe mothers and fathers and children deserve to see themselves love and be loved. I believe motherhood in all its grit and pain and sleepless nights and shifting bodies is breathtakingly beautiful. I believe I can still make a difference in the world and in the lives of those around me through documenting life and celebrating your story.


If you haven’t worked with Sarah, you’re missing out. She captured our boys when they were a week old, she captured our first family of four photos at a beautiful vineyard, and she was kind enough to fit us into her crazy schedule just before her family’s PCS to take more pictures of our crazy boys for their first birthday. She’s amazing, she’s kind, sweet, loving, helpful, and everything GREAT! I wish I could fly her to our next destination to capture more memories for us. There’s not much I can say that would describe how beautiful our sessions with her were, whatever I say won’t be enough. If you ever get the chance to work with her, please don’t miss out. She’s worth it. We’ll miss you, Sarah, I hope our paths cross again.
— Amanda